We offer you some aesthetic information and tricks that save effort and time and allow you to prepare in the morning quite easily in order to shine with a distinct look in just a few minutes without feeling like you are on time.

1- If you do not have time to wash and dry your hair in the morning, you can distribute a little dry shampoo evenly on your hair, especially on the root area, which will give your hair a more intense, fresh, and vibrant look.

2- Apply moisturizer to damp skin to speed up the process of skin absorption of the moisturizer, as wet skin absorbs moisturizing cream in no time, which saves you waiting time.

3- When you are in a hurry, use cream-based cosmetics that you can easily spread across the face with your fingers, saving you the hassle of searching for the perfect makeup brush.

4- Gently run a clean toothbrush over your hair to get rid of the frizzy hairs that suddenly appear after you finish combing your hair, without the need to use a hairdryer or a straightened.

5- You can shorten the time by applying foundation and face moisturizer in one step; using a large brush, mix a little foundation with moisturizer, then spread the mixture on your skin to get perfect coverage.

6- If you absolutely do not have the time to fully apply makeup because you are too late to wake up in the morning, focus only on the eyes by applying a little concealer and mascara, and apply lipstick.

7- To add more volume and length to your eyelashes without the need for false eyelashes, you can apply a thin layer of mascara, then spray a little talcum powder before it dries, then apply a second layer of mascara.

8- Use a peach blush or a light pink color, as these colors give your complexion a radiant glow and highlight your beauty without the need to apply full makeup.

9- In order for the lipstick to last long on your lips without the need to reapply layers of it repeatedly during the day, sprinkle a little powder on a folded paper towel, then gently place your lips on top of this tab so that the lipstick absorbs powder

10- To highlight the beauty of your eyes with one touch, define your waterline with a bright color like pink green, ice blue, silver or purple, and apply a natural-colored lipstick.


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