On Saturday, November 7th, days after Election day, America found out who their new President will be; Joseph Biden. With a new president also comes a new First Lady, Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden. As First Lady, Jill Biden will promote social causes and manage the White House, among other duties. Read below to find out more on who Jill Biden is, and what she is bringing to the table.

Education and Career

One thing that makes Jill Biden stand out amongst the list of former First Ladies is her level of education and career path. Jill graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in English, and went on to be a high school English teacher. While doing this, she was also working in Joe Biden’s Senate office for a few months. With her teaching career in full swing, Jill decided to pursue her Masters of Education with a specialization in reading, and graduated with that several months later. Her career then shifted to focusing on reading and teaching emotionally disabled children. That wouldn’t be her only Masters degree though, as she would go on to obtain her Master of Arts in English. After many years teaching in public schools and community colleges, Jill went back to school and received her Doctor of Education at age 55. Since then, she has continued to teach at Northern Virginia Community College, even during her time as Second Lady.

Life as Second Lady

Jill Biden’s time as Second Lady was already different from her predecessors, as she was the first Second Lady to continue working a full time job with her husband in office. Michelle Obama, the First Lady at the time, even recalled Jill bringing schoolwork on trips and constantly grading papers. Both Jill and Joe are passionate about supporting military members and their families, and that passion helped create one of Jill’s greatest legacies as Second Lady. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama founded Joining Forces, a national initiative calling for the support of service members, veterans, and their families during their husbands first term in office. During her time as Second Lady, she supported many other causes like raising awareness on the value of community college, and the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Current Projects

In 2017, the Biden’s launched the Biden Foundation as a way to be able to keep up with the things they were passionate about. The areas of focus were advancing community colleges, ending violence against women, and supporting military families, amoungst other things. After the Biden Foundation came in an end in 2019, Joe Biden began his presidential campaign and Jill became heavily involved in that.

Future as First Lady

After a long campaign and election season, Jill Biden will take her place as First Lady on January 02, 2021 and will make history in doing so. If her time as Second Lady is any indication of how she will be as First Lady, we can expect lots of involvement from her.


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