According to the New York Times website, Biden exceeded the required difference with his rival Trump in Pennsylvania, which is 35,000 votes.

By beating his rival, outgoing President Donald Trump, in Pennsylvania, Biden had 290 votes in the electoral college, which requires only 270 for a candidate to win the presidential race in the United States of America.

Court Order

A U.S. Supreme Court justice in Washington ordered that ballots arriving after 8 p.m on election day will be kept in separate boxes in Pennsylvania.

He also ordered state officials and Democrats, to confirm compliance with previous instructions from the Secretary of State, to keep ballots that arrived after the polls closed in a separate location.

President Donald Trump’s campaign filed a series of legal challenges in several states to challenge the integrity of the absentee ballot count.

But Judge Samuel Alito did not accede to the Republicans’ request to stop counting the cards that were set aside based on his ruling, because he wanted the Republican camp that could not lose this key mandate for Trump to stay in the White House.

The Democratic candidate had confirmed – in a speech delivered today at dawn – his confidence in the victory of the presidential elections, but without declaring victory, explaining that he was on the verge of obtaining more than 300 votes in the Electoral College, expressing his hope to speak to Americans tomorrow.


For her part, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, called Democratic candidate Joe Biden the “president-elect” of the United States.

Trump, on the other hand, took a less direct tone than the day before when he spoke of a “stolen” election, but remained vague about his intentions, according to a published statement.

Mr. Trump had renewed the fraud charges without providing any evidence. “If the legal votes are counted, I win easily,” he told reporters at the White House. (And) if the illegal votes are counted, they can steal the election from us.

For his part, Matt Morgan, general counsel for Mr. Trump’s campaign, confirmed that the U.S. presidential election is not over yet.

Security is on the move

Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon’s largest city, is witnessing a major deployment of U.S. police in anticipation of possible protests.

Armed officers patrolled Portland’s neighborhoods and suburbs during the protests that took place the night after the U.S. presidential election vote.

In the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City, a march entitled “Donald Trump is Over” took place.

In Arizona, a number of Trump supporters gathered outside the voting center in the state capital, Phoenix, as part of the ongoing vote-counting process.

And in several states led by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, polling center officials said the protesters’ anger at Trump supporters made them fear for the safety of their employees.

In Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, demonstrators gathered in support of President Trump and protested the election process and results.

Some protesters carried banners demanding an end to what they described as a post-voting robbery.

U.S. Media: Joe Biden is 46th President of the United States of America


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