Choosing sunglasses that fit your face shape completely is not an easy thing, and girls usually fall into great confusion when standing in the glasses store to buy new sunglasses that are distinctive and appropriate. And as we are approaching summer, today we will give you simple tips on how to choose the sunglasses model that best suits your face shape.

How do you choose the right sunglasses for your face shape?

Round shape:


The length of the face is equal to the width, and it has rounded edges that are not prominent.

Optimal shape of sunglasses: Square glasses are perfect for you. It is preferred that the lenses be wide to slightly soften the roundness of the face and give it a measure of length. The thick frame upper frame glasses will also help your face in getting more length. Stay away from the round lens as it will increase the roundness and fullness of the face.

Oval shape:


This face takes the shape of an egg and is the most perfect face shape compared to the other types. The length of the face is one and a half times the width, and the forehead and jaw are equal in width, the chin is slightly narrow and the cheekbones are prominent

Optimal sunglasses shape:

all types and shapes, whether cat eyes (winged lenses), pilots, or square models. It is best to choose medium or large sized lenses so that your face does not look longer than it really is.

Triangulated shape:

This face is characterized by a narrow forehead, with wider jaws and a relatively long face.

Optimal shape of sunglasses:

Cat eye or round glasses will be very good, as they will draw attention to the upper part and create an equation between the width of the forehead and jaws. It also prefers to have some details such as the mirror lenses or a golden frame.

Square shape:


This square face has pointed jaw edges, a broad forehead, and noticeable cheekbones.


Optimal Sunglasses:

Round and oval lenses or cat-eye models suit you. These types will give your face a measure of roundness and reduce the prominence of bones.

Rectangle shape:


It is a mixture of two shapes, oval and square. It comes with a little width, either at the jaw or the forehead, but is longer.

The optimal shape of the sunglasses:

The rectangular eyeglasses model suits you; it highlights the beauty of the face more, and creates an equation between width and length.

The Diamond shape:

This face is characterized by a narrow forehead and a small chin, with prominent, beautiful and broad cheekbones.


Optimum Sunglasses Shape:

An ultra-thin oval shape devoid of any frills on the frame is the best.


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