Remote learning is a big challenge for children today, they have to take their daily study at 8.30, after that they have google sessions, some of them cry, really it’s a big challenge. So what will parents do to help them to stay focused and engaged, it’s a long time to face screen all day, it affects kids on many sides.

Kids can take experience from other children, when we support separate them from adults, their skills develop in communication, solving problems or negotiation, they feel all alone. Parents saying that their kids felling motivated when they know that they will pass all day facing the computer, additionally it’s a challenge to learn differences. 

Changing from classes into remote learning has many problems academically and emotionally, experts pose strategies to face them. 

Stay in touch with their teachers:

 Experts advise parents To help their children to communicate with others at schools, it’s a helpful addition to this to learn differences and difficulties, they need to more communication. Not only students but teachers also struggling and we are together for the Same fight. 

Parents should make a family and support their kid’s individualized education to be their defense if necessary. Create a space at home where they can focus: we have to keep days structured like of school, for visual learners we should write the daily school on papers or calendar or a whiteboard. Then we make a special place of work, (suggested by experts ) we can use even kitchen’s table, it’s good if we buy a cheap printing machine for printing what they need to.

Help them learn in the best way : 

Teacher with Kids – Creative Arts Class.

If parents know how their kids learn best they can help them, visual children suitable to offer highlights, or graphs, or illustrations, those learning by experience you should help them using shapes, numbers, letters, and to do experiments. It’s better to let kids take a break if they couldn’t focus on and other activities. 

Talk to them and spend time with them: 

We should also sit with our kids for a period of time letting them express themselves, to hear their opinions about solving problems.

Children don’t contact others at the present time, so as a development to their skills, they would watch tv and talk to them. 

Watch for signs of depression or anxiety:

You should observe your kids continuously to know of there any emotional or physical changes, these changes can touch their sleep, eating…etc, to know if they suffer from anxiety and depression, because they can be affected by them and they don’t talk, these signs are:

  • Developing separation anxiety. 
  • Developing a phobia. 
  • Being very worried about the future or about things happening.
  •  Self-injury And other signs.

If you see anyone of them in your kids that’s means are struggling emotionally, so you have to talk to their pediatrician and to contact professionals of mental health and even to pose the problem to their teachers to talk to them and that might help. 

Organize outdoor playdate for them:

 It’s important for children to meet their friends, and have playdates that help them in several things, solving their problems, communication, add to that to met feel alone. They can be outdoor for some time in a safe area, wearing their masks and stay away six feet from others to avoid coronavirus risks.

 Use online resources: You can take information from websites and even help and get support in the academic and emotional sides of your children.


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