This pet dog in China couldn’t contain his excitement after finding a nice tree branch as a present for his owner.

The eight-month-old golden retriever called ‘Cake’ is seen in trending footage with the twig in his mouth while trying to run towards his owner before sliding along the icy road.

Ms Ou, who has raised Cake with her husband, told MailOnline that her pet loved bringing her tree branches as a way to show her his affection.

The heart-warming scene was captured on Tuesday morning when Ms Ou took the golden retriever with her to walk her husband to work in Guizhou Province, south-western China.

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They were forced to travel on foot after the local roads had frozen with ice following recent snowfalls.

On the way home, Cake seems to have noticed something on the side of the road as he suddenly turns around and runs to pick something up.

The pet owner was amused to see the dog come back with a long tree branch in his mouth and take control of the scene.

Ms. Ou told the reporter that, “He picked up many tree branch as a gift for me. He loves to do it. He was also very happy to see the snow for the first time”.

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Mrs. Ou (pictured above), who raised Cake with her husband (pictured right), told MailOnline that her pet liked to bring her tree branches to show her affection.

The golden retriever was always so eager to show Mrs. Ou what he had found that he tried to run to her with his gift.

But Cake didn’t notice the ice road as he continued to slide on the frozen surface.

Ms Ou told MailOnline that her pet loved bringing her tree branches as presents
She has been raising the eight-month-old golden retriever with her husband at their home in Guizhou
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After much effort, he finally caught up with his owner who had burst out laughing.

I found him so adorable, but I also felt very bad,” added Ms. Ou.

The images also melted hundreds of thousands of Internet users after the pet’s owner shared it yesterday on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok.

One viewer joked: “It’s so cute! This furry car is skidding!

Another commentator wrote: “It made me laugh so much. Check its brakes, don’t you think they work? hhh.

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