Let us talk about beauty from a different angle!

We have our own criteria for judging the beauty of a woman. We look at the beauty of a lady from a certain angle and then pass the remarks about whether she is beautiful or not. It’s not fair. Let me tell every woman that she is unique and beautiful.

The business of beauty is thriving everywhere. Women are spending much of their time and money on buying beauty products. Even in the third world countries, women living below the poverty line, buy cheap and substandard beauty products, which give more harm to their skin than good.

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It’s the fundamental right of every woman to look beautiful. Every woman wants to listen to the sweet words “you are beautiful”. But the beauty of a woman is far from her looks or figure.
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Physical beauty is only one aspect while a beautiful charming personality is a complete blend of many fine characteristics such as good manners, etiquette, behavior, smile, intelligence, sense of humor, social and family values, etc., all make a woman look beautiful and attractive.
 Didn’t you know that there is a marked difference between a careful hand woven expensive Persian carpet and a cheap machine-made carpet? Both of these cannot be equated. A beautiful woman is like an elegant hand-knotted Persian carpet. Each and every silky, colorful thread of her character, nicely woven into her personality, gives a woman an everlasting beauty and attraction.

Looks are very important indeed but the characteristics of a person are much more important. Besides taking care of your physical beauty, why not think of improving your inner beauty. The beauty which everyone admires is becoming a rare commodity these days. While on your way to a beauty parlor keeps on thinking ways of improving your inner beauty.
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